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"We stayed 14 months on the market with our loyal broker. 2 weeks after we hire DALAZAR revamping our approach, we got in 2 offers after 2 open house, a contract signed 10 days later and 0 surprise at closing."

D & S., Media Executive

High Floor Luxury Condo

Sellers, $3.5M+

"While in Europe I hired Alain via Skype and in about 2 months from that day, we got it all closed and done. DALAZAR manages my NY apartment as a rental property since 2012." 

Pascal & H. F., Private Equity  

Full-Floor Luxury Loft Condo 

SoHo Prime

Buyer/Investor, $7M+

" We mean business and first wondered if a boutique firm would do a good job considering our broker is also our neighbor! We rapidly received multiple bids that were beyond our expectations."

Bob & Sally H., NYC Attorneys 

Lower Duplex Condo + Garden

Sellers, $1.5M+

" I've started working with this NY team by acquiring an investment property and a pied-a-terre allowing me to finally avoid hotels to enjoy full privacy feeling home. They are reliable and operate discretely, just a must for my family and I."

R.M.A., Celebrity Artist

High-Floor Luxury Condo

Buyer, $8M+

World Celebrity & Philanthropist

High Floor Luxury Trophy Residence 

Buyer, $10M+

"Alain is my one reliable NYC source. Discreet company, above grade, sharp as a razor.

6 years and counting!

"In such competitive market we were happy to have gotten over $500K above our asking price for a house dear to us we've gut renovated.

We more than recommend DALAZAR for the ingenuity in their approach and perseverance in executing the marketing plan we've agreed on."

Daniel & L. S., Financial Exec. & Creative Dir.

Unique Townhouse on a Brooklyn Heights Landmark block

Sellers, $5M+

" As a family of 5 relocating we couldn't be more satisfied to have set our new lifestyle using Alain's team. They've managed to create a meeting of the minds in a tough and tense context on seller's side and represented our interests with clarity all along.

Mike & Gab B., Entrepreneurs

Townhouse on a Landmark block 

Buyers, $3M+

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