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We embrace the unshakable values of Trust, Integrity and Care along with the indomitable spirit to deliver the best service possible through a private manager relationship no algorithm alone can deliver. 

"Consider your performance and satisfaction are the direct reflection of ours."

                                                                                                                                                                        Alain Azaria, Founder

Found trace of a Contract of Sale of a house to the name of Azaria listed over 2,500 years ago;  Aramean Papyrus, Elephantine, -437.  

First time in New York City. The place where the word 'impossible" means "I'm possible". Birth of an American dream.



First Rental deal on day 1 through sponsoring Broker Adina Equities: 103 W 103rd St., a Townhouse formerly owned by the iconic Gershwin's family. 

First celebrity client & Baseball Star - ESPN commentator Harold Reynolds, Upper West Side, NY.  How to best learn the rules of this game? Become Harold's RE Rental Agent.

First multi-million $ international listings marketed from NYC; Paris-NY alliance with David Meyers Real Estate.



Launching of Zaria Premium Relocation Services for innovative companies relocating their most precious human capital to NYC.




First Buy-side deal at 55 Wall St. Cipriani. Had rented over 100 rentals prior first sale and closed over 10 acquisitions and sales prior the creation of DALAZAR.



The subprime crisis forced everyone to adapt their market strategy.  Our idea was first to  develop a private network with a powerful International outreach capability. DALAZAR was launched as a private consulting team.

DALAZAR. represents the buy-side of an entire floor at 350 West Broadway with a record breaking market performance. 

DALAZAR incubates HAR Advisors, a data-driven NYC based think tank sourcing mismanaged, under-exploited value-add and opportunistic-driven commercial properties.



Following the fall of Lehman Brothers, VIA International Group, LLC becomes a LREB as DALAZAR with offices at 419 Lafayette in  Manhattan, NoHo.


DALAZAR reached 100 loyal clients, $100M sold to executives, private families, family-offices, real estate investors and developers.




New leaf, creative lifestyle, new terrain requiring adaptation, adjustments and adoption of safe and responsible social behaviors and protocols.

NEW era

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